When we moved into our first *owned* place in July, I promised my hubby that the second bedroom could serve as a Man Cave until a tiny human came along. Needless to say, he wasted no time on “cave renovations.” Here is a before shot:


The walls had a lot of damage from who knows what. It looked like someone just cut random zigg zaggs into the dry wall. On top of that, there was water damage around the window AC unit that the previous owder decided to simply paint over (:::Face palm:::). Oh and the color…so gross (it was way worse in person, I promise). The worst part, and unfortunately you can’t see them in this picture, but there were splintered wooden shutters in the interior that made the place look like a little house on the prairie that had been hit by a tornado.

Step 1: Picking the Colors

My husband is a *die hard* Detroit Tigers Fan, so the color choice was a no-brainer. Luckily, Gliddon has a “Team Colors” line that we could use, so we knew our colors would be accurate.  We decided to paint a decorative stripe around the middle to add some interest. We found these cool sheets that you paint and stick on the wall and used those to test our pattern:


 Step 3: Prep and Paint!

We learned a very valuable lesson during the taping phase of this project. When you buy a laser level, spend some money and get a nice one with a tripod. It will save you many hours and tears. I promise. We first bought a little one that sticks to the wall….AWFUL idea. It kept falling down and making crooked lines. We ended up having to take down a ton of tape at first because of it. After recovering from a mini-meltdown, we went to Home Depot and got the Bosch Cross Line Self-Leveling Laser Leveland a tripod. I’m usually pretty frugal, but let me tell you, this was money well spent. Once we finished taping, the painting began!


We worked on this project at a very leisurely pace and it took us a month or so to finish. Once the paint dried and the drop clothes were picked up, we moved on to decorating!

Step 4: Decorating the Man Cave

First things first…gotta bring in the TV. I got the TV for my hubby as a Christmas present. I got a fantastic deal on Black Friday through Amazon Smile (my charity of choice is the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary). The TV stand was another good find. Most of the TV stands were looked at ranged from 250-300 (for the type he wanted). We ended up finding a great quality stand from Walmart for $139.00.

Our assistant, Ms. Bean, "meowdling" our new TV and stand.

And I mean, you gotta relax after setting up that bad boy…..So natrually we cracked open a couple of our favorite beers and watched football. Decorating will just have to wait till next weekend 🙂  Stay Tuned!

Ahhhh... job well done!


When my husband and I bought our first condo, I decided it was time to upgrade the freebie furniture my grandparents gave us to get started. I love love loved our first place, but it definitely was more “college” and less “I have a big-kid job.” I love my grandparents dearly. I did not, however, love the mega retro end tables. Time for my first DIY as a homeowner 🙂

I started by removing the glass and lightly sanding the table. As you can see, I had some help from an assistant.

Mr. Bowser J. Pants- "The Ginger"

After locking up the assistant after a particularly messy near paint-eating incident, I primed the table using Bulls Eye 1-2-3 White Water-Based Interior/Exterior Primer Sealer. It’s pretty cheap and there wasn’t much of an odor. Next, I applied two coats of Minwax PolyShade in Expresso. This had a pretty strong odor, so hide yo kids-hide yo wife and open some windows while working. After drying, I re-installed the glass top and admired my work.


And there it is! My very first new-condo owner adult DIY project. Ta-Da!

Thanks, Grandma!

Turns out I love doing this stuff. I think I just created a monster….onto the next project!


In the spirit of trying new things, I bought my very first  “Green Smoothie” today from the hospital cafeteria. (In hindsight, I should have realized this was a grave mistake.)

Now, I’m a huge fan of eating. I mean I love the entire act of it. The prepping, the smells, the chewing, the eating until I literally cannot stuff another bite of food in my mouth (yes, I’m aware this is not how you should be eating…). Anyway, here’s to trying new things and replacing breakfast with a green smoothie.

The juice: Morning Glory: Romaine, Celery, Spinach, Apple, Kale, Banana, Strawberry.

Verdict: This tastes like grass. And I’m talking old, stinky, wet grass. On the positive side, I learned it is actually true that you can “not taste” something you drink by plugging your nose. The problem is that you can taste it as soon as you unplug your nose (even after you stop drinking).

Anyway, I got this horrible thing down and didn’t puke. I’ll consider this a success.

Will I ever do it again? No. Absolutely not.